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It is every man's dream come true
This has been hanging in my closest since last time I tried to sell it. Wanted to keep it thinking I would use it, but I have too many coats. My loss is your gain. 3sixteen Duffel Coat in size large. Color grey. I have too many coats, so not worn too often. In near perfect condition. Retailed for $450 if I recall correctly. PM me. From 3sixteen: Our duffel coat is crafted of a heavyweight wool fabric and is completely lined the light grey wool has subtle color speckling...
In size large. Only hand washed & air dried. Measurements below. PM me. "Epaulet proudly presents our in-house collection. Entitled "Small Batch Shirting," each piece is handcrafted in the United States of beautiful premium fabrics. Our standard slim-fit shirt, made up with a in a lightweight Japanese madras fabric and given our classic button-down collar. This crisp, yet breathable fabric has a substantial feel, while remaining light and airy at the same time. The...
Just found a chick I went to elementary school with on facebook. I remember her because she banged a couple kids in the woods in the 6th grade. Here is her about me on FB: mom of three kids 2 girls or 1 boy I am still legally married but living in another state and planning for a divorce. I love almost all music. I love tattoos and peircings, and the goth and cowboy clothing influences. i love Bright colors with black,but favorite color is Red. I Have always considered my...
Just bought this jacket and it doesn't fit. Still has tags attached and only worn once indoors to check fit. 10/10 condition. Size 2. Retailed for $1185. PM me. Measurements: Shoulder: 17.5" Pit to Pit: 22" Sleeve Length: 26" Length: 28" Link to stock photo: http://www.contextclothing.com/images/product/2368.jpg From the site: "The microporous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane is what makes GORE-TEX® fabrics durably waterproof. Each microscopic pore is about 20,000...
Offer me something.
Offer me something.
The jacket, yes no?
Debating on buying this White Mountaineering coat... http://store.aptmnt.com/products/pertex-e-w-viyella-middle-jacket
If anyone has or receives a 3a in size 42 they do not want PM me. I wil buy
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