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Just at a public accounting firm. It sucks.
VDamn good site, thanks. I thought this was gonna be a smartass "google it" response at first. I'll try the methods on that site and see if it works.
Anyone know to get grease stains out of pants? Spilled some bacon grease on my Epaulet trousers. Tried washing them and doused the stain in spray n wash. Doesn't work
It is. I'm losing on this one. Bummed it didn't fit.
Price drop. $450.. This is a steal
I respect you. I have no advice, but this sounds awesome. I'd like to do it myself one day.
I just registered and bought a shirt. Wanna see how fit is before I order more.
Lol try more like low 30,000s. Chase bank in particular sucks. My girl is a personal banker, horrible job. Shitty pay and even when you get promoted to assistant manager your still only pulling mid 30s. The job sucks. All they do is pressure you to get accounts and use shady tactics. Stay away.
Price drop. 375 -> 350.
Price drop. 600 -> 500.
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