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Shave it bald
I watched Blue Velvet the other day. My goal is to watch all of David Lynch's movies.
Truth. I try to stand about half the day.
Definitely. Meanwhile I have a client who is doing payroll himself and keeps messing up the withholding. I think he has been penalized at least once every year now. Unfortunately, he still won't use a third party provider.
I wouldn't want to, but it is up to you. I used to work in public accounting. I got out and work in real estate now, but I do bookkeeping/accounting work on the side (using QuickBooks) and payroll is the worst. I always recommend using a third party as it is tedious and the payroll tax returns are annoying. I have a non profit with one person as well and the cost to do payroll is worth it. Best part is that if the payroll tax returns are messed up, it is on them, and not...
^^This. Never understood this either lol. I'd say most girls would probably prefer the fight club body to the power lifter body.
LOL, nice. Sic graphics also.
Truth. Living in the city, missing that summer grill life. Luckily my girlfriend has one at her place.
Hand Woven shirt is out of control. Bummed it's not a bit longer as I'm 6'1, but I ordered one anyways, guess we'll see how it fits. I ordered an XL so should be okay.
I had it on both knees when I was younger. Only seriously hurt for a couple years while I played soccer. I've had occasional pain in the past few years, but nothing serious. I'm in PT now for a knee issue (which turned out to only be a sprain and no structural damage, thankfully) and the PT blamed weak hips for a lot of my knee issues. One of my knees doesn't track correctly and she said strengthening the hip will help. Makes sense after she showed me, so I'm doing that, a...
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