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Congrats brah. Bout to pop the question to my girl soon. Currently ring shoppin'. Most nerve racking part is gonna be asking her dad (even tho I know he'll be cool with it).
Doc said he thinks I have a medial meniscus tear. Gotta get that MRI next week. Good news - no knee cancer.
Stand up desk ftw. I usually try to do 50/50 stand up and sitting.
My thoughts on recent conversations: Leather jackets r sick. Pizza @ planet fitness rules. Ex girlfriends are weird. I barely remember mine and at a party a couple months ago my ex girlfriend from when I was 15 (26 now) got pissed at me because I deleted her from Facebook and she asked why we can't be friends I wanted to say I barely remember you, but I tried to be nice about it while my friend walked away and laughed at me.
Ugh I'm doomed
Currently paranoid I tore my ACL @ soccer even though I can walk decently (slight limp), little to no swelling, little to no pain, and no instability. ACL tear has always been a fear of mine. Need to stop Googling and see a doc.
Stay strong. I actually think 20+ is more fun. You get to do raids and strikes. The vault of glass (one of the raids) is probably the best thing in the game. You also have nightfall strikes and weekly strikes. Getting up to 20 was the grind for me. The story is non existent.
Very responsible of you
I envy you, I work more like a 8-7. We are on 11 hour days minimum. I usually workout after or sometimes I'll leave at 5, workout, then continue the work at home. I also try to get one day in on the weekends as well. You get used to it after awhile. 40 hours isn't bad at all.
Anyone playing Destiny? Been hooked to this game last few weeks. I was a bit late to the party.
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