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Anyone have experience getting sport massages or ART? I think I saw someone talk about it on here recently. I had a bilateral sports hernia 1.5 years ago and had surgery on each side. 15 years+ soccer will do that I guess. I actually feel better than ever and my ability improved a lot after surgery. During rehab my physical therapist used to massage my adductors/other parts of my groin and it really helped. Getting kinda tight lately even with exercise/stretching. Anyone...
Boxing is awesome cardio...I miss it. My apt gym used to have a bag, but it's mysteriously gone. My regular gym doesn't have one. I need a new gym. As said above, it will kick your ass. Plus you feel badass for doing it. Beats the bike (my second fav form of cardio) any day.
I have to go to a wedding tomorrow and I'm having a wardrobe issue. I can wear whatever I want to work so I don't regularly wear "business" clothes. I bought a couple suits a few years ago and since I squat my legs are a little bit bigger. These pants are pretty snug. Not buying new pants, so about to rock the skin tight pant / suit look.
Would have been better naked.In other random news- If anyone is familiar with hockey I used to workout where Ted Lindsay, the infamous Detroit Red Wing, went. He's 89 and still works out about an hour a couple days a week. Saw him naked in the locker room once....thought bout asking for his autograph.
When you saw him, was it in the locker room naked?
Wow, I wish my office offered that. Who wouldn't take that? As far as your idea. I think teams would work...depending on the people. If you have competitive people then I could see it working.
110LB is the highest we have.
Cool, cool. Ass to grass is the way to go. The reason I ask is I have literally seen no one at my gym do them since I've been here (then again I don't see many people squat). I agree though, they definitely blast your quads.
Oh and most of the time it's taken by someone squatting above parallel. I saw a guy load up the rack and go down like a foot each time. He wasn't even at parallel.
\DBs. My gym doesn't have heavy enough KBs. Yeah, I seem to be. I am doing 100lb DB now. Not sure how high I could go though since I'd be holding a DB. Also not sure how much I could do now with a regular squat...I should see. I find them easier and more accessible than using the squat rack. Most of the time it's taken at my gym.
New Posts  All Forums: