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Wow, I wish my office offered that. Who wouldn't take that? As far as your idea. I think teams would work...depending on the people. If you have competitive people then I could see it working.
110LB is the highest we have.
Cool, cool. Ass to grass is the way to go. The reason I ask is I have literally seen no one at my gym do them since I've been here (then again I don't see many people squat). I agree though, they definitely blast your quads.
Oh and most of the time it's taken by someone squatting above parallel. I saw a guy load up the rack and go down like a foot each time. He wasn't even at parallel.
\DBs. My gym doesn't have heavy enough KBs. Yeah, I seem to be. I am doing 100lb DB now. Not sure how high I could go though since I'd be holding a DB. Also not sure how much I could do now with a regular squat...I should see. I find them easier and more accessible than using the squat rack. Most of the time it's taken at my gym.
What do you guys think about goblet squats? I've been doing those exclusively lately (as opposed to other squats).
White sole snuff suede is hot. Bout to kop these bad boys soon.
None of the above. It should be glass with a stache only. Rock it bro.
Yep SSense is down for the count. Still can't load for me either.
Please PM me if interested. Inseam is standard, 35.5", there has been no alterations.
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