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Agree. Maui Jim's are good. Better alternatives to AO and Randolph is Zeal Optics. Made by Maui Jim. Their cheaper line.
No. If you're concerned that a particular store iabdoing that, walk out. But the store doesn't benefit from it. Insurance companies don't pay any less than a customer. It's not like a auto body repair shop where they cover up to a cetain amount. Now, regular insurance is different from social services, in which case some stores may not even do it, but that's another story.
I'm not sure. Their distribution is slim to none in Canada. I haven't had any experience with them.
My only concern would be that shape of frame always sits low. For whatever reason, they seem to sit low unless you have a high bridge. Don't get me wrong, they may fit great, but I would want to try them on first.
The problem is that they design it to fit snug on the temple but if you have a wide head with inset eyes, they will slide down all day. If you have a narrow h3ad, you shouldn't have a problem.
Strong agree.Mine fit well, but I was experimenting with pad arms so I put some and they fit much better now.
Super cool thread. Lots of schooling going on here. Would be interesting to hear the brand's stories too.
I don't see anything wrong with showing brows. I think it looks much wierder with the suns covering the brows.
The 649s are cool but it doesn't suit everyone. The quality of the persols will be one up on the Carreras though. The materials are different and so is the finish. Try them on first. I find it's not comfortable for a lot of people.
I can assure you the $89 you spent may seem similar to the Raybans, which they may be, but are certainly not the same quality as some of the better manufactures. If you paid $89 you probably got a frame made in China with no branding, polycarbonate lenses and maybe an entry level coating at best. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that but it certainly isn't the best. You can't compare a handmade garment to a mass produce shirt. Even if the material is the...
New Posts  All Forums: