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Take it to your local optician. They will be able to help you adjust it without compromising your frames.
All plastic ProDesign frames are available with nose pads. Makes the fits much more comfortable.
Careful now. A 135mm temple isn't necessarily short. Depending on where the actual temple starts, 135mm may be enough. It's like a medium Tshirt in different brands will fit differently. I would tell you to go to a B&M and see what they can do for you.
No, what you see is what you get. You may be able to straighten them up and reshape them but not lengthen them.
Persol are tricky. Especially for Asians. They have that hinge-ish part (forgot the name) but sometimes the temples are too tight and it pushes the frame off your nose. I would tell you to try it on first before ordering it. As for the shape and style I think it will work well. It's a conservative style that is easy to fit (to face shapes).Hope that helps!
CC's blog is no longer. Realistically I'm a terrible writer and I doubt many people read it. I enjoy spreading the knowledge but my writing skills are weak. Maybe I should do an Instagram or Twitter account. I can't possibly make that many mistakes with 160 characters. This thread is basically my baby. I don't get to check back as often as I'd like but I like seeing everyone's responses.
With 1.67 you have a lot more options in terms of transitions and polarization. Sorry I said 1.74 is available but I think it is actually 1.71. Odd index and ultra rare but possible.
Looks good but in theory they would be better if they were a bit smaller and they need to be adjusted. Your right side is higher.1.74 tinted lenses is possible. They are not very dark though.
It is possible that it is only available in that particular store but I doubt it. If it was only for that store they will have minimum 50 pieces of it in stock. As well, usually they will stamp it with their name as a "collaboration" piece.
I don't really understand what you're asking.
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