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Color Code: 33Made in JapanBeta-Titanium: a mixture of titaniums and other metal. Great for flexibility and light weight. Bad for adjustments and may not be hypo-allergenic (like pure titanium).
If anyone is interested in the technical aspects of eyewear and likes seeing different eyewear, check out @throughaspectacle on Instagram.
$500 for a digitally surfaced set of lenses with a good anti reflection coating is not terribly unreasonable. BUT keep in mind, not all "freeform/HD/digital" lenses are created equally. They are all made from the same material (depending on the index) but with different "software". It's like saying all Iphones are the same. Yes, they are all Iphones, but we have different generations, capacitys, memory, colors....You get the point. Case in point, Pearl and...
Someone else already responded but Tom Ford eyewear really is just a super overpriced mass produced frame. The frame does not merit it's price tag. If you're looking for a classic look with good quality, I would suggest Matsuda and Kio Yamato. The styles are classic and the quality is top notch for the price.Another thing to consider, that I found in your photos, was that your glasses sit on your cheeks. This may be a reason why your frames are feeling. I would bet...
Depends on the brand. I know there are fakes for certain brands. Some that you would never expect that someone would go through the trouble, but it happens. With that said, I think that nowadays there are so many online stores that are reputable that you shouldn't have a problem finding them online. I think Ebay is a bit more sketchy because the seller could very well be selling anything. They may not even be aware that they are fake.Certain brands are more difficult...
Left. It suits your face shape better. As well it makes your face size look more proportionate.
The fit will be different. The ones on the top have pad arms so they will sit further from your face.
Hugo Boss. Not the same quality but never similar look.
Real talk, between you and I (and the rest of the internet world), a lot of the big manufactures have the same lenses that are rebranded. The "programs" are all made by only a few companies in the world. Realistically, any big brand name will make a legit free form lens. There are smaller companies that take a true free form as well, the only problem is that the lenses are either older technology or a bargain bin ( you might not get the same thing twice). I would first...
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