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In theory, yes. But i get bored of my bags easily. I havent found a great one yet. I have cheap ones, 3 backpacks, lv messenger, 3 fanny packs, 2 lv fanny packs, 1 gucci fanny pack... but given it is well made and worth it, I'd bite.Thanks for the suggestion.
Op, Salt and Kawasaki will be limited distribution but you should be able to find it in your town. Where are you from? Im sure some locals will be able to help you out.
I'm looking for something similar to the Solo - Urban Convertible Laptop Briefcase Backpack. I just don't like the way it looks but I really like the idea and the concept. I'm looking for a brief case/laptop bag that looks somewhat professional but sometimes I need to throw it on my back and be hands-free when I need to carry other things as well. I generally carry 2 tablets, document files, catalogs, my sunnies, random junk and pens and such. It will be my daily bag,...
BTW, I'm back if anyone else has questions. I won't answer "What frame is this?" because truthfully, I won't know the answer. I don't know all brands and all models, but I'm sure someone else on SF will be able to answer it if we pool are minds together. Cheers, CC
Depending on how far your eyes are apart, but that sounds about right. Small the frame, thinner the lenses. Larger the frame, thicker the lenses.
IMHO, if you like them from Warby Parker, get them. You won't find anything in that price range that will be better quality. In that price price range, they will all be similar in quality. They great branding and that is what makes up for their lack of quality and finish. Don;t get me wrong, for that price point, it is bang for the buck, but I just wouldn't consider it anymore than a seasonable disposable pair of glasses.
In terms of the plastic and metal combo, there are tons of options. Almost every brand will make a variation of that. another option is going with a plastic to crystal gradient or brown to crystal/yellow gradient. Again, almost all brands will make something like that. Are you looking for a particular shape, size, style?
Warby Parker will not have the same feel or quality. Salt and Dita will have similar quality. Also Kazuo Kawasaki and Masunaga will have some thinner plastics like the Denison.
Sorry for being MIA, but hopefully this will still help.For super simple look into Minima form France, Lindberg from Denmark or Kazuo Kawasaki from Japan. All well made and all quite durable. With a trivex, 1.6, 1.67, or 1.74 lenses, you won't have any problems.
Take it to your local optician. They will be able to help you adjust it without compromising your frames.
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