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The fit will be different. The ones on the top have pad arms so they will sit further from your face.
Hugo Boss. Not the same quality but never similar look.
Real talk, between you and I (and the rest of the internet world), a lot of the big manufactures have the same lenses that are rebranded. The "programs" are all made by only a few companies in the world. Realistically, any big brand name will make a legit free form lens. There are smaller companies that take a true free form as well, the only problem is that the lenses are either older technology or a bargain bin ( you might not get the same thing twice). I would first...
Asians need smaller bridge sizes for a better fit. With plastic frames, it will sit higher and with a metal frame they are easier to adjust when they are closer together. With pad arms, when they are too far apart, they over extend beyond their structurally-sound-zone. And aesthetically, it looks better closer together.
Correct. a little bit of redness is inevitable just due to weight. As for the adjustment, they are very adjustable and they have pad options, like the asian pads that are a bit thicker. But pads are not just determined by the pad arms alone. it needs to be properly adjusted from the bridge to the temple tips.
I don't have longterm experiences with Gotti, but they seem well crafted and they have a reputation of that as well.
Moscot Lemtosh will probably not fit. They don't fit all that wide.For wide frames, check out Hugo Boss has a few 56-58 eyesizes, Ic Berlin, Kio Yamato, Lindberg all fit wide and can be adjusted. Tag Heuer has some temples with a bow in it too. And then there are house brands like Fat Headz (or something like that) and Biggu. Or you can go with a Safilo house brand like Chesterfield, Safilo and Elasta.
That's a very common style. Prodesign, Carrera, Boss, Gucci and you'll find tons of inexpensive frames like that. That flat metal is very common among Safilo brands.
I don't know what frame will look similar, but take that into a store and ask them for a similar shape and tell them you want the same tint. I'm sure they will be able to find something similar. For a similar effect on the lenses, I don't know if those are mirrored, but if you get clear lenses with a slight tint (10%) and get a mirror coat, you will probably achieve a very similar look.
"high definition" is a gimmicky term. Free form or digital surface is what you're looking for. As well, they are not all designed the same. We all have laptops, which are great, but not all of them function as well as the next. Same thing with the digital lenses. It is the computer program that makes them good or bad. For instance, Hakim (in Canada), Pearl Vision and Lens Crafters makes house brand "high definition" lenses and they are junk. Don't bother with Hakim,...
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