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dont own them but tried them on at coop several weeks back. material was fair, but i felt the stitching was poorly done. i would not pay $195 for these
I saw these in person two weeks ago when it came out in Ginza store here. Typical uniqlo quality, and nothing too different from what uniqlo already make IMO. The reversible jacket is the only thing I'm considering to buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by fftfft FYI, Barney's COOP at South Coast Plaza got a few of the S/S shirts, including the contrast collar short sleeves in both yellow and blue, as well as the overdyed wine shirt and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting. Of course, you'll have to suffer the markup of about 20% that they charge... I went there yesterday and tried on the wine shirt. In addition to the ones mentioned above, they had the...
if you have time to visit brooklyn, stop by hollander&lexer. they make some nice shirts there, and has some of the best atmosphere in NY imo. other stores worth looking into maybe opening ceremony, odin, and famous friends.
I'm going to LA again for couple of days sometime in beginning~middle of March. I'm wondering if there are any places that have Tim Hamilton and Adam Kimmel in LA? I think I read somewhere that maxfield has Hamilton but I'm not 100% on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock are you still doing 45rpm store pickups? Yeah, actually I will be dropping by the shibuya store very soon to pick up some nandox2s. The store is very close to the post office that is open on weekends&holidays, so I can still do pick ups on this brand even after I start the new work. I developed a good relationship with one guy at this place as well. He worked at the head office for a while before...
I'm going to stop taking online orders on Feb 21st as I will be leaving Japan for roughly a month from Feb 27th. I can do store pick ups until 25th. I'm not 100% decided on what to do with this after I get back as I will be starting full time job from April. I have the lowest fee at 12% at this moment, so let me know if you want something from here! First post on this thread has some old information about the serivce, and I can't edit it anymore for some reason....
PMs sent on your way!
W&H black sweat has been sold! I will be taking the first payment that comes in, and will end the listing early when I confirm receiving the payment. Let me know asap if you are interested in any of these.
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