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After many, many inquiries, I can finally make cord style reigns.
I have four buckles and four hooks, first come first served, but if they're well-liked I can proxy more. These are straight from Japan.
They did, and they're pretty slick. I keep forgetting to take photos. I'll get some next time I see decent light coming in the window.
Been crazy busy lately.
Anyone gotten hands on the new Lineman? Seems Japan-only so far.
Promo ends tomorrow! Tomorrow is also the deadline for any large (wallet+) projects if you want them in time for the Holidays.
Just a couple of updates for anyone considering a Holiday purchase. I'm starting to get pretty busy, and in order to make sure that I can get everything done in a timely fashion, I'm no longer taking orders for large baggage until after the Holidays, and I can only accept orders for a few more Eastwood stitched belts, since they're also a major time hog. Holiday orders will have to be in before 12/7 in order for me to be able to guarantee shipping for Christmas (earlier...
This isn't a good sign. The 'lodge collection' of non-US made stuff that they had going a few years back was terrible. They should stick to their classics and keep doing collabs like the Levi's stuff if they want to get beasted.
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