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After many, many inquiries, I can finally make cord style reigns.
I have four buckles and four hooks, first come first served, but if they're well-liked I can proxy more. These are straight from Japan.
They did, and they're pretty slick. I keep forgetting to take photos. I'll get some next time I see decent light coming in the window.
Been crazy busy lately.
Anyone gotten hands on the new Lineman? Seems Japan-only so far.
Promo ends tomorrow! Tomorrow is also the deadline for any large (wallet+) projects if you want them in time for the Holidays.
Just a couple of updates for anyone considering a Holiday purchase. I'm starting to get pretty busy, and in order to make sure that I can get everything done in a timely fashion, I'm no longer taking orders for large baggage until after the Holidays, and I can only accept orders for a few more Eastwood stitched belts, since they're also a major time hog. Holiday orders will have to be in before 12/7 in order for me to be able to guarantee shipping for Christmas (earlier...
This isn't a good sign. The 'lodge collection' of non-US made stuff that they had going a few years back was terrible. They should stick to their classics and keep doing collabs like the Levi's stuff if they want to get beasted.
It's hard for me to have a 'sale' in the traditional sense, but I want to offer some kind of deal for Black Friday and the Holiday season, so here it is: Anyone who sends me a PM or email with the title "black friday" between 11/25 and 12/7 will get 15% off, and also get a free natural single wrap snap bracelet if our conversation results in a project. Thanks for all of your support this year. -Nicholas
New Posts  All Forums: