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I'm updating forum threads less and less often lately, if you're not following already, I recommend watching my tumblr for updates, here:
If you're selling to the right people, they'll recognize the difference in quality is greater than the difference in price if you offer something like one of the AAs. You'll probably feel better knowing that you're not peddling sweatshop goods, too.
A wallet just like that one minus the decorative stitching on the outside is $75. PM me if you have any other questions.
Yeah, this is the bracelet scourage is referring to: The stitching barely changes color, if at all, which results in some pretty cool contrast over time, as the leather darkens and the white stitching begins to pop more, you can see it in my belt here: As far as a good minimal/slim wallet, there's a bunch of options, but this is my favorite layout (and what I use myself): Bills fit folded in half behind the left card slot. Each slot easily holds 5+ cards. I...
Really nice designs and workmanship, I love the buckles, they look like huge watchband buckles. Where are you located, TD? Do you work somewhere that gets you access to machines for making the buckles?
That buckle fits a 1.5" belt, and it is the same as in the second picture. If you're dead set on 1.75" I have some similar buckles in that width. PM me. Also: Putting the feelers out for 21oz denim in ~32 waist, looking to trade leather for jawnz.
Natural leather is fun because it's visibly absorbs your history really quickly. The darker leather definitely gains character as well, but it's not quite as apparent. I have some older stuff that's been dyed, and it shows wear: This is my main color palette, though I also have another really dark chocolate brown that isn't shown here: As far as the bracelet width, the limiting factor is the closure hardware. I do about 15mm wide so that there's enough meat left...
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