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Natural leather is fun because it's visibly absorbs your history really quickly. The darker leather definitely gains character as well, but it's not quite as apparent. I have some older stuff that's been dyed, and it shows wear: This is my main color palette, though I also have another really dark chocolate brown that isn't shown here: As far as the bracelet width, the limiting factor is the closure hardware. I do about 15mm wide so that there's enough meat left...
Looking good, Gee. I do belts in multiple widths, but 1.5 inches is the "normal" width. I like 1.75" if you only plan to wear the belt with jeans, and most people prefer 1.25" for formal. Some recent work since I haven't posted any pictures in a while:
After many, many inquiries, I can finally make cord style reigns.
I have four buckles and four hooks, first come first served, but if they're well-liked I can proxy more. These are straight from Japan.
They did, and they're pretty slick. I keep forgetting to take photos. I'll get some next time I see decent light coming in the window.
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