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Thanks! And thank you for the link, I'll have to try it out sometime when I'm feeling adventurous. I love the texture, and that site has a ton of color options.
Those are really nice, mswintle. Where do you order buffalo from? That's a leather that I've been really curious about working with.
Always by hand. I'm planning to learn how to use a sewing machine this summer, but only for cloth/canvas projects.
Made a custom portfolio case the other day:
iPad sleeves! These are fun to make. I get to just geek out over stitching and edging.
Thanks Zissou. Digging the USN button. Good god, that machine is almost obscene. Incredible...what do they cost? I'm really happy with my handstitching so I'm pretty iffy about machines, but I'm still curious. Their website leaves something to be desired.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bash! Nice watch band hollows! What weight leather did you use? I've been meaning to make one for my father. That one is two layers of 4-5oz, and it was a good "thick but not too thick" weight in the end.
I had the opportunity to make a watch band finally:
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch The above 3 mentioned craftsmen do really fantastic work - I wouldn't dismiss them just because their belts don't have the high premium-loaded costs of other brands. I'd be happy to triple my price if it gets me more quality cred
It's been a while since I've posted here, so here's a few of my favorite photos from the last few weeks...
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