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Cuban heels are as steezy as they are functional, too. Just ask yourself; What would Tom Waits do?
My no celastic BH is doing just fine: If you want a lower profile, just skip the celastic. It's not going to change anything other than appearance.
Yeah, 1/4" lowered cuban heel, no celastic, SD/Bounty hunter last. Slimmest toe profile you can get on White's I think.Thank you very much, that's big praise from guy who knows his natural chromexcel as well as you do.
Bonus shot of the rest of the Natural Chromexcel kit:
Cheers! Thanks a lot.
Can anyone help me out with actual post-soak measurements from a medium midnight CPO?
This thread needs some love:
Love that cafe racer seat look on the first wallet, Obbi:
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