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I'm going to go ahead any shamelessly throw my hat in the ring here. I can make you a belt in any color, width, or length with any buckle for a pretty good price. And it'll be one-of-a-kind, made for you. If this post is too "advertisey", I apologize.
No. 1 Sold! I'm hoping to move the premade stuff out by Christmas, so buy somebody a present already!
Certainly! PM coming in a moment.
Here's a few from my flickr page: It's $22 for once-around and $27 for twice-around, if anyone is curious.
Make offers if ya got 'em on the pre-made stuff. Great gifts.
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh I broke down and got me a pair of these: My lady just picked up a pair of those. The quality seems really good for a relatively cheap pair. She makes them look good, too.
Back now. PMs replied.
Nice grab tiealign
I will be out of town starting tomorrow until Monday. I usually try to reply to all PMs and emails quickly, so if you PM and don't hear from me, that's why. I'll get replies out ASAP on Monday.
No. 1 Sold and gone! No. 7 Sold and gone! No. 1 - Large Saddlebag, Toe strap (included) attachment. Natural leather, taillight tab Mercury Dime snap closure. Can change it to Indian Nickel on request. $95 shipped in the US. No. 2 - Medium Saddlebag, Toe strap (included) attachment. "Antique" brown leather, taillight tab, brass stud closure. $95 shipped in the US. No. 3 - Small Saddlebag, solid brass buckle attachment. "Antique" brown leather, brass stud closure. $95...
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