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*unless they have an exclusivity contract with a Japanese dealer for rat ass boots. Certain makeups are definitely off limits for this reason.
I think that a double midsole is going to look weird in that build, mostly in contrast with the close trim. I think double midsole no celastic could work, but double midsole close trim sounds weirdly contradictory.
This trend of chromexcel rough out is silly. When you reverse chromexcel you hide its best qualities and amplify its drawbacks.
Zero regrets on that. Considering a classic brown SD with no celastic as well in the future.
Brian, I'd do one thin coat of Obenauf's and a lot of brushing. Obenauf's is easy to overuse. 2 coats is never necessary unless the boots in question have been in a barn for decades, or you're after waterproofing. For basic maint/conditioning, easy does it with that stuff.
That's how they look today.I don't think I've used any products on them at all yet. Just a damp cloth and brushing.
White's can only be worn with denim? That's silly. No normal humans will look sideways at a clean White's build in a dressy scenario. Unless you're hanging with stuffy, guffawing, old money gentry, you'll be just fine. I'm still very happy with my no-celastic BH.
The non-celastic pair above is mine, they're holding up just fine:
It's information.I know that I'd want that information if I was looking to buy, and so I felt obligated to share it. He can still sell them at that price to an informed buyer.If you think that fostering ignorance is going to make a stronger market, you need to go retake your econ courses, it all runs on information.
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