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White's can only be worn with denim? That's silly. No normal humans will look sideways at a clean White's build in a dressy scenario. Unless you're hanging with stuffy, guffawing, old money gentry, you'll be just fine. I'm still very happy with my no-celastic BH.
The non-celastic pair above is mine, they're holding up just fine:
It's information.I know that I'd want that information if I was looking to buy, and so I felt obligated to share it. He can still sell them at that price to an informed buyer.If you think that fostering ignorance is going to make a stronger market, you need to go retake your econ courses, it all runs on information.
You bought these on eBay for $195 and are trying to flip them for an extra $120. Stay classy.
You guys should fire the dude putting block heels on all of your builds No cuban = no sexy = no cop.
Put them on, do hard work.
Unless you ask for a half sole, it'll look like mine, which is a standard 430 sole.Here's an update on that pair:
While we're on that natural cxl theme...I can't remember if I posted this picture here yet or not, sorry if it's a repeat.
Definitely need pics Whacky.
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