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They'll definitely fix it.
Seeking MF 189MD aka Liberty CPO in large. Fully aware of how rare and coveted they are. Offering cash, leather goods, or gear in trade. I have some other older MF pieces.
Yes, White's run $400-500, and that makes them pretty much the cheapest customizable bench-made boots available, and that's a big part of why they're so popular. It's fine to expect an easy fix for small finishing mistakes (and White's will probably grind that heel no problem), but it's silly to think that $500 bucks gets you flawless quality, that's just not how it works. It's a decent chunk of cash, but it's still entry level for this market.
I'm sure that White's/Baker will back up their quality and trim the heel if requested, but that doesn't change the fact that you got a funky heel because the guy who made your boots has made a thousand Smoke Jumpers, and probably 5 fashion boots with this weird heel request. It's like going to a fancy steakhouse and ordering well done. Of course they'll cook your steak well done, because people won't stop asking for it, but you're going to get something scraped off the...
When you go to a century-old maker and ask them to do precisely the opposite of their signature build, don't be surprised when it turns out funky. White's are not meant to have block heels. The style, fit, and function are all built to have cuban/tapered/curved heels.
Agreed, looks MUCH better now. Block heels on White's are just the worst.
The way the instep strap starts down at the welt seems very odd, did you request that?
People generally use care products on boots WAY too often. Like 10x more often than necessary. Under normal conditions, chromexcel can go years with just a damp rag and regular brushing. A well-worn pair of boots is a marathon, not a sprint.
The wrinkles that you're talking about are loose grain. Typically you find that on the belly section of a hide, and good makers will avoid using it. A lot of the "seconds" and "blemish" discounted boots you see will have portions of loose grain. Every side has a belly section, so it's not a chromexcel thing, it's just a hide selection thing. Good chromexcel from the better parts of a side doesn't do that. There are a lot of makers using entire sides of second quality...
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