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I should have qualified that I don't own a black suit. Just the navy and a charcoal pinstripe. I do not completely object to getting a black suit, but I am in law school and paying enough money so if I can avoid it I will.
Well to my understanding this is a black-tie optional event (at the Ritz Carlton), and my girlfriend tells me that almost all of her coworkers wear suits. My question is if a dark navy suit would be acceptable, or if I should at the very least wear black? Furthermore, if a navy suit were at all acceptable at this somewhat lax standard black-tie optional event, what shirt/tie combo should I consider? Thank you in advance for any advice!
Rice cakes are another quality option as long as they are injested with the protein after working out. You need the high GI food to spike insulin levels. Insulin is the most anabolic substance you could hope for. Why do you think bodybuilders inject it PWO?
I have always found that less is more when it comes to gaining muscle mass. If you are natural then lifting anymore then 3 times per week is generally counterproductive. Granted some people just have the genetics to blow up by curling their cell phones, but I am guessing this thread is not for them anyway. I generally try to lift M-W-F and do it as such. M(workout A1) W(workout B1) F(workout A2) M(workout B2) W(workout A3) F(workout B3) M(workout A1).......
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