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Is there a long option?
Perhaps Mariano and Paone are still in cahoots and this whole thing is an elaborate plan to shake out the fakers from the true LH believers
Nick - your stuff looks great. Who is best to contact for MTM in NY?
Shipment received - cool selection of stuff as everyone can tell from the website, and the packaging / presentation is every bit as thoughtful and well executed. The Luigi bianchi mantova polo coats run quite slim in my experience -- I'm a ~38l, bought a 50 and it is very cool but on further consideration slim enough I probably wouldn't wear a thick sweater or blazer underneath it and would do better with a 52. If anyone is thinking about ordering a 50 in the navy...
Great, thanks for the advice. Why does apartment stereo suck so much? You just mean need to keep volume moderate?
Longtime music freak, not trying to get into audio as a hobby, just want to finally get a solid system that will sound great, plus add ability to play vinyl. Live in an ny apartment so lower volume use. Considering just getting a peachtree inova, their d4 speakers, and some type of turntable (would love a recommendation). But part of me wants something all tube for warmth and nostalgia, particularly bc I don't need anything very loud in my apartment and so I am curious...
and 90% of statistics that are pulled out of assholes just happen to be true, right?In aggregate, investors are the market, so of course 100% of investors under-perform the market on average. At least, the dollar wtd. avg. of their returns net of fees always under-performs the gross returns of the entire stock market.But that doesn't have anything to do with whether it is possible to outperform with active management, much less suggest that no public security is ever...
you're too fast, tried to delete the first part of my post. in retrospect, I wasn't looking for anyone to pay attention to my comments and was just in a bad mood and annoyed by the completely assbackwardness in this thread. I am happy to delete my entire post (prior one and this one) if you delete yours quoting it and you can get back to your more genial discussion of the merits of bonds in an inflationary environment and how to kill it day-trading biotech earnings.
china "has it all under control"? how is that? there are two "possible" good outcomes in the medium term...a consumption boom the likes of which the world has never seen starts yesterday if not sooner (which is a bit of a challenge when you have eroded household wealth with a decade of interest rate repression) or a giant source of external demand appears and gives china a get out of jail free card on the whole rebalancing away from investment and exports thing. if you...
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