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Just love the Cinematic style in those two shots Jacob, expertly done.Geoff.
Hey guys, whilst not working on making leather belts etc, I have an obsession of taking photographs of the moon here are some of my shots, including a moon one for you guys to take a look at.. Moon Shots as seen from Worcestershire United Kingdom Summer Evening Evesham United Kingdom Balloon Festival Barn Owl
Although biased, I'm happy with our very own e-commerce store Worcestershire Leather Company and take the user experience very seriously, although not (yet) in the same league as say amazon or we pride our selves on a first rate customer service, so much so, we do everything possible to make sure the customer gets everything they need to have a great and positive experience when shopping with us. Other stores we really appreciate are and...
Hello all, Very recently Tim and I were working late in the work shop, when the telephone rang (quite unusual at 22:00). On the other end was a long time customer of ours who has brought several belts and wallets over the years. Having dealt with the pleasantries, hello, how are you etc, we got down to business, it transpired that the customer unbeknown to us was an avid collector of Allcock Aerial reels, which in their day back in the early nineteen hundreds, were the...
Hello imightbechad, Yes these fobs are available to purchase please drop us a line with your details and quantity required at many thanks.
Hello All, You may be interested in the History behind the Quick Release belt if so be sure to check out our post here
Hello all, its been a little while since our last post so we thought we would take this opportunity to dive into the history of one of the most famous belts that we handcraft to your specification in the very heart of rural Worcestershire (UK) the Quick Release belt..... The Quick Release Belt owes its origins to the firemen of yesteryear. During the 'Great Fire of London' we believe, early fire tenders equipped with this type of buckle on straps retaining the coiled...
Mccormicculus, Many thanks for the kind words.
Quote: Originally Posted by bathtime Can you still do the QR belts in 1.5" leather? Hell bathtime, Please confirm, do you mean 1.5" wide or 1.5mm thick? The wider version is in fact 37mm which translates as near as dammit to 1.5" We look forward to your reply.
Hello RunningBeagle, If you would like to contact us with your specification, QTY required and dimensions at / W'll be happy to discuss your exact requirments with you.
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