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I'd tack on another $30 and grab a pair of APC NS.
Measurement were taken by Ricky while in HK. I am thinking about making the sleeves a half inch longer to show some cuff when wearing a jacket, and requesting them be a bit slimmer for this order. As well as taking a half inch slimmer on the waist area. For the shirt guys on here do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
Heres how you'd get it off. Fold a piece of 8 * 11 in 4. (This is to catch any burnt plastic in the event some of it drips onto your pant. Tuck it under the longer side of the tag. Take a lighter and set the nipple on the long side of the tag on fire with a lighter; let plastic burn until you get to the spring and ball bearing. Then get a screw driver and pop out the spring. Voila the tag will be off.
Seven has a one wash denim in bootcut. Saw them the other day at a shop here in TO.
I think the sleeves may be a bit on the long side as well as a bit too loose. Also maybe slightly higher armholes?
Was looking through there website and they boast: 10 day turnaround guarntee Single needle stitching with MOP buttons Full money back guarantee if you are unhappy. They come in at $89-$109; made in HK.
Maybe check out also for a browse Lileo in the distillery district King/Parliament and TNT in Yorkville. If your looking for suiting maybe checkout 83 Bloor in downtown Toronto and Made in Italy at Dufferin/Finch
That is a terrific deal. How would I know my sizing in Loake. Here in Canada I only have access to Allen Edmonds to compare. I could try a pair on in the store and then buy based on that.
I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. WOuld you guys think I could get a good price on a pair of shoes while there? Anyone here with experince shopping in Vegas?
Hi, I'm starting a p/t job in retail in a mens boutique and need to get a presentable pair of dress shoes. The best shoes I own are a pair of Browns Couture in a brown but they are all damaged and scuffed. Was wondering if anyone on the board could recommend where to look for a nice pair of shoes as a first good shoe. And also what color and cut I should get. I'm 25. (I am not in the financial position to step up to a Lobb or an EG. Budget being Max $300.; and I...
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