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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek It would make good business sense. I imagine most of their current clients will be dying soon. They developing more contemporary looks. It is scheduled for early 2008 and will be a separate line with a higher pricepoint. Will be produced in Italy. I work at harry Rosens and the Rep was speaking to this in a recent PK session.
Having worked at Holts for some time I'll say this: Our limited edition Jack Spade that we carry go on sale at the end of the season, leaving off at the final markdown to 70% off. The basic fieldbags will not go on sale as they are a strong seller and are coded as a basic. So to answer your question the bag your wondering about will not go on sale.
I'll take the driving loafer from Jil Sander. Let me know your addy to send payment.
Brand new with Tags from Holt Renfrew Bloor here in Toronto. Retail Canadian was $215. I will let them go for $130 CDN. Pickup locally is available in downtown Toronto.
Yes these are really cool looking. Knucks can you see whether or not he would do a shorter inseam, or would we need to do something like a Euro Hem to keep the leather detailing?
In the latest issue of GQ he is wearing laceless Jack Purcells.
Hey, I just picked up a wool Sterlingwear and have been wearing it to work the last week. After taking off my coat in the morning my dress shirt is full of lint from the inside of the jacket. I was wondering if others on here could comment on whether or not this is a recurring problem with this jacket or whether or not after a couple weeks it stops. Also I was wondering if anyone with this jacket had any experience with taking out some of the padding. I have broad...
Someone who can give wash and cut for under $50. Anyone have recommendations?
Quote: Originally Posted by pinchi22 Fit aside, I like your fabric choice. Which model/no. is it? I donot know the model number as I picked it from the swatch books while at Jantzen in HK. I will enquire for you when I put in my next order. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Yes, make the sleeves longer and trimmer, I think you mean you want to take in the belly and possibly the chest (if you do, armholes should be adjusted in height accordingly). Below the belt, the shirt seems to get to tight, causing bunching up above. Have that part made a bit wider so that it stays inside your pants. My preference is for more of a spread collar with longer points but that collar seems to work for you....
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