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Can anyone give me some information on how they work? Do they come in and do a presentation available to the entire office, or is it mostly through prospecting and then they visit the client at home/office.
Quote: Originally Posted by MunnyGuy First let me apologize I inadvertantly posted this in Buying and Selling!!! Mia Culpa!!!! I am going to see my tailor today to have some custom shirts made. I have gleened the following: 1- No Monogram, but if free on inside of nape of shirt. Other than that any other suggestions? I was thinking of bringing some of my favourite ties to pick fabrick to match. 90% of my Suits are Navy Blue with varying styles...
Sorry to resurret this from the dead but how much does dung charge for shirts?
What is the level of stretch on Dior MIJ. Is it too extreme sizing down 2 from true waist?
I just picked up a pair of MIJ in size 28, I am a true size 30. I can button them up but they are very tight. I tried reading the posts from other users but could not find a definitive answer. Will these strech out to become comfortable, like an APC or a nudie would? Seems I have read that the MIJ dont stretch as much as the 2 aforementioned.
How do these fit compared to ferragamo?
I follow quite closely the different threads on quality shoes, but to be frank very rarely does something pop up in B&S or ebay which is of ok quality and semi fashion. (Not talking Allen Edmonds) Being here in Canada I have to buy everything special order and pay the ridiculous retail prices were charged for footwear. Not quite sure as hes not listed a belt from Gucci that looks fake. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
To my knowledge the New York store is being used as a branding tool, and the commercial success of the Tom Ford brand will be contingent on his line being picked up at menswear retailers. I work for 1 of the 2 major Canadian retailers and apparently they are pretty close to signing on for the exclusive right to sell his product here in Canada. I think there was mention of shirts starting at $800 and suits at $4000.
Waiting for something in a 7 with baited breath!
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