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They've got a storefront at Bathurst and St.Clair. Wrt what a previous poster said about quality being par with Uniqlo and H&M...I would say the quality is far below it. Also I am surprised by a poster being impressed with the slim fit of a peacoat because from my experience it is cut for fat people who shop for groceries. The fit of the garments reminds me of The Gap only made with International Clothiers/Stitches quality.
Also of point is that apart from the fabrics being a little nicer than what you get in Boss even at 50% off Z Zegna is not a very good value. You would get a similiar cut but inferior fabric from Zara for $300 here in Canada. For $450 you could get the Zara Sartoriale which is half Canvas and has some surprisingly nice fabrics. (i've not seen these in store this season for some reason).
Not sure if you got a short but the jacket seems a bit long for a Z Zegna. Rosens will do the alterations for free even if you bought it on discount. (free alterations for life I would do the following alterations: Peg the leg. Shorten the sleeves. Too much break on the pants; shorten them. I would shorten the jacket an inch. This is if you want to wear it the way Z Zegna shows it. I think iammatt's statement is correct in that alot of ppl going for the...
I wouldnt trust stitch it with my Diors or anything worth wearing. Actually I would not trust stitch it with any of my alterations period. Maybe bring it to Sydney's. 799 Queen Street West. He is a custom tailor (Bespoke). But may take your alterations if you request it. Another option would be to bring it to nikos on Cumberland. Both ppl have experience working with more fashion fits and are very competent. Another option might to be to take it to Rosens or Holts....
So after stints with Harrys and Holts selling MTM I realized I had never really seen a Coppley or a Samuelsohn opened up to see what the construction was like inside. The garment in question would cost $900CDN if you walked into Harrys. So I got one of my Coppleys and went to work on it. What I was really curious about was the face that Coppley advertises the fact that their garments are a half canvass. From the pic and after opening it up I think the only parts of...
Bought these from a local consignment shop here in Toronto. No scratches, basically brand new condition. Worn twice. They are in the Toirtoise, and are a inspired I would say by the Persol that Steve McQueen wore. $250US. http://www.unitedshades.com/product.asp?idmodel=pl9757#
Ive lost my copy and wanted to reference an article from this magazine. Was wondering if any of the esteemed members here would be interested in selling me their copy. Thanks. michael
bump. Taking offers.
Speaking as a former Holts and Rosens employee you are not going to be able to find a jam or queen sharp for $500 in Canada...especially in your size 36R. If you really want it then eat it up and pay harry his 1K. If it means anything I think Hugo Black is junk, horrible fused construction with polyesterish looking cheap fabrics. (This coming from a former HB specialist). If you do find suits on discount it will be the more widely distributed cuts such as the...
I am 5'5 38 chest. 150lbs. I have a very wide back for my size and larger biceps which does not help either.
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