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Quote: Originally Posted by CommieRabbit What store was this? I'd like to try some Cheap Mondays just to see how they really are. This is Showroom on Queen Street. They had a very big selection.
How can they do it at the pricepoint. Are the materials they use substantially inderior to premium denim lines. I live in Toronto Canada and dropped by a local shop to check these out and they were going for $80. The next cheapest denim in the store was $220 which was a SFAM. Please discuss. Also, I think all the hype generated from the anti satanic branding on some of there jeans was tactical.
Good thing this was asked. Whats a good first watch (mechanical) to wear to work (business setting and casual on weekends) in the $500-$1500 price range? Something that will last long and I will wear for years to come? Any brands in particular to look at, I know the popular ones like Tag, Tissot,Movado etc. But as happened with denim when I joined this forum I bet there are alot of other brands out there that provide bang for the buck.
Selling a pair of brand new Nudie Regular Ralph Dry Greycast. Bought them at Lileo here in Toronto. Would just like to sell them for what I got them for $130CDN. Would prefer to sell locally, but will ship at buyers expense. I can meet anywhere in the GTA to deliver the jeans. There brand new with all tags attached. Thanks for looking.
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