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price drop 450
They say size 7 on the shoe. They will fit you if that is your size in trickers I believe.
Just got these and they are beautiful but a bit too big. I would say these fit a 7.5. Trying to get what I paid $500USD SHipped.
Dark Brown. Outsole is 11.75.
Brand new with shoe bags. Unfortunately they are a tad too big for me. I run more towards a 6.5E. Retail is 1050US. Looking to sell these. $350 USD or best offer.
I run a 6Uk in barker Black Wolfe. Would a 7US in Tom Ford Loafers work for me? Anyone here have experience with the fit of Tom Ford Shoes? Any help is appreciated.
Was looking for $300 and under at Retail. AE are $400+ here in Toronto. Was also looking for something that looks a bit more European than the classic AE last.
Wanted to see what members here thought were the best brand of shoes under $300. I can only think of Cole Haan as the brand that is able to sell a decent shoe under $300. Another brand I see here in Canada is Luca Del Forte but don't know alot about them
To clarify these are on the Harrington last. Does anyone here have experience with this last? Tks.
How do Barker Black fit. Do they run big or true to size. Considering a pair in the B&S forum but am unsure about sizing. Do they run the same sizing in brands such as Ferragamo and Allen Edmonds? Any help is appreciated.
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