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Is this still available? Color?
Has anyone tried on the cinch back pants this year? From the measurements on The Bureau's page they look really slim.
Great. I have a pair of 710s that could use some love.
Great! Its about time someone offers chain-stitching in PDX. Can you repair button holes?
Will repair services be offered at Self-Edge Portland?
Did you ask if they would sell you the crepe sole separately? You could take them to any cobbler then.
The Baker is more a trad jacket both in length and width compared to the Bedford. The Landsdown, at least from F/W 2011, was a fuller cut. I needed to size down from my traditional size L to M to get a cleaner, slimmer shape. I love all three; Bedford, Baker and Landsdown. I haven't picked up an Andover, but would love to get one and pair it with a pair of cinchback pants-maybe next winter season.
I'm impressed how well this turned out. You want to sell it?
I believe this is called the "Classic Shirt." It's produced most seasons and appears to be Daiki's take on the classic Pendleton board shirts made famous by the Beach Boys during the mid sixties.
The serge wool is definitely lighter than the melton wool and can be worn 3 of 4 seasons.
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