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someone else here must share my prrofessionalism, my passion for approipate business dress. thej way it SHould be done. H ellpe me here guys .
I ask my tailor make measurements before and after moving around when in the jacket, as I have found that the sleeves can easily get hung up during the course of the work day and look too short at times if the measurements are only taken in a stationary position. The first time he found it a little amusing when I did a couple jumping jacks but after I explained he tended to agree with me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford You want to carry a tote bag with a suit????? Are you a woman? I don't know if this was the style in Philadelphia in the 70's, but if I saw a guy carrying a tote bag, I'd wonder why he wants to look like my mom or my wife going to a Junior League meeting. As for rummaging around in your pockets or a briefcase... it'd be a lot easier to find something in a briefcase with compartments than to dump everything in...
Quote: Originally Posted by gehrig I think most people address this problem by carrying a sturidly constructed bag from a retail store. Zero cost, easy to cycle out to add some variety and generally in close proximity unless you throw them out immediately. I recall an old, decrepit economics professor of mine in college regularly using a Sotheby's bag for this purpose. It matched his persona perfectly. If a professional look is your main objective and...
it tastes the same if your curious.and afetr 3 even better.
Can anyone suggest a non-profit organization that people don't associate with any political party that might offer tote bags?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Beware, who one donates to says a lot about themselves. Yes, I have given thought to that. Do you think that a punlic classical radio station is non-political enough not to offend anyone who might notice the bag?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing But can you carry apples in it? That's a good point. I thought maybe the right tote bag would be discreet but if anyone notice I would hope that it would just give the impression that I was being practical using a bag that I received as a thank you gift for donating money.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing What about something from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods? A discreet logo, that is. I would rather it be a non-profit organization. I remember when growing up in Philadelphia that many respectable looking older people would have tote bags from Whyy which was a public radio station that played classical music.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I feel that professional business attire can only be one way and not the other. I agree with you but also would like to say that it takes a special touch (or "finesse" in French) to subtly add your own personal style into a professional business wardrobe.
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