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Namely, where does lining cover with regard to the overall structure of the suit jacket (i.e. sleeves, front chest area, etc) I was considering a Burberry suit (not made by HF, but their new italian contractor) on sale, and was told that it was half canvassed. I could feel the canvass while I pinch near the buttons area, so I was just wondering if there is a way to check for half-canvass vs full-canvass. Thanks!
Of course I don't really think there to be a threashold where all of sudden you are in 'slim fit' territory, but generally here are some indictors: - drop 7 instead of drop 6 - higher arm holes - more of a 'pinch' around the stomach area - generallyed modelled with tight fitting pants honestly, can't anyone think of anymore 'slim' fit suits labels/designers?
For example, I know that the following makers either have one of their lines devoted to suits in a slimmer cut, or are all designed in such a style: * Ralph Lauren Black Label - canvassed * Burberry (with their Italian made suits) - half canvassed * Paul Smith - canvassed * Versace collection - fused If you could continue the list with some designers, as well as whether they are canvassed it'd be great. Thanks!
Bravo idfnl.. now that you mention it, my jacket did get somewhat wet one lovely afternoon. How would the jacket getting wet affect bubbling, and are there any actions I could take to correct this? Thanks.
I had just gotten my Canali suit back from the dry cleaners, and it seems that there are small signs of bubbling at the lapels, as well as some more noticable bubbles at the midchest area. I thought that by paying more by buying a fully canvassed suit (from their boutique on 25 Broad), bubbling was a thing that I'd never again encounter. Whats going on??!! Thanks P.S. I definitely do feel the canvass when I pinch the suit, so I know I wasn't deceived by the...
good stuff but your somewhat worn-out la coste polos are a bit too expensive. also, if a burberry jacket can get sold for 90 including shipping, you may want to rethink the sale price for your H&M
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I for one would rather wear Target $69 suits but have $300 millions in my account than internet pretenders who buy Made in Italy stuff with credit cards. .. but you wear Canali (brought with your credit card).
cute ties... a price cut would be even cuter! >.<
Please note the image below: Am I seeing things incorrectly or do those look like bubbles on his lapel?
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