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Thanks for all of your feedbacks Chinese btw
I should point out that due to a slight mistake in my OP I had miscommunicated my question. I had intended: do these frames look good on her? If so then I don't plan to sell them anymore.
As you know, I had posted these frames for sale on the FS section earlier today. Feeling sentimental, I decided to have my girlfrend try them on.. and here are the results (see below) I honestly don't think I should be selling these, as she looks great with them. However, she would like to hear from a more "discerning and knowledgeable" crowd. Your opinions, SF, sil vous plait.
... The seed of an epic thread has been planted.
A buyer on SF has backed out of purchasing these Tom Ford frames at the last moment (those in authority, feel free to check my PMs to verify), so I am posting the frames here with some new suggestions to interested parties. - You need a medium to larger face for these to look good and not overwhelming (incidentally my reason for selling these: my face is too small) - These frames have a bolder look than standard boxy frames, and its inspiration hails from the 1950s. ...
I'd really appreciate an update as well...
Sorry I do not have a photo to better illustrate this. I have noticed that the collars of my polo shirts tend to get.. "rounded-out" after a few washes. They lose their vitality and definition, and just look crumpled up (and makes me want to wear them less..). Of course some people prefer this washed-out look, but somehow I am turned off by it. Of course I could always afford to buy a few here and there, but Im currently into saving up to buy some 'real' articles of...
Just wondering.. where can you did you originally acquire this Purple Label suit? I'd have brought it at a much higher price (even higher than your original listing) had it been 36 or 34. So far the only place I know that sells that at a discount is Woodburry Commons in New York.. but are there also online discount retailers for them?
really depends on my situation.
Seriously guys, no one knows?
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