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Besides eBay, where else could one purchase new AE oxfords (Park Avenues, for example) for under $200? Edit: I couldn't find even find new ones on eBay for under 200..
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 [url=""]If you're lucky you just look like a little kid that dressed up in daddy or mommy's clothes. You're probably not lucky. ... How devastatingly applicable to some people here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull The words "Blackstone" and "KKR" make them wetter than *actual* sexual stimulation. It is tragicomic, really. A spectacle by any measure, even though nothing is a spectacle in NY any more. +1 Bravo, maestro.
I find some of his ensembles ... out of place. I do, however, appreciate his blog and some of the profiles he did of prominent individuals residing in NY . PS. It seems I missed a 'r' - "Sartorialist"
Have you considered something similar to the brown suit (albeit with stripes) worn by Colin Firth in A Single Man? Certainly the wear of choice for academics back in the 60s.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo jesus. 5'3" asian guy, late 20's, went to brown, is a "lawyer", has a few bespoke garments from Rubinacci and other "popular" "tailors", gets off on arguing about ridiculous shit until his fingers are raw and bleeding all over his keyboard. most likely nothing like that in real life, which is the worst part of it all. oh, and he was runner-up in Esquire's Best Dressed Man In America. he made it on live TV and looked...
I would certainly like to learn more about the myth of the foo (is there a thread?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Your girlfriend is smoking hot and the glasses look ultra-sexay on her. If you are wise, keep both. +1000
^Single button is daring, though a good fit here. I would have chosen a different coloured square though. Now that I have seen what your "dear leader" looks like, I have to disagree. These 5040s have a horned temple, and derives its construction from the Wayfarer. Foo fighter's frames are more of the "standard boxy" that you see many Asian people wear.
"Foo" ?? Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo very Foo-like
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