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Quote: Originally Posted by calvinloke You just stick cellophane tape around the collar band each time before you wear it. This is genius!
The waist suppression in this jacket is almost womanswear-like. Not a bad look if you are into teh ghey, but my preferences go to the more classic fits. Edit - his shoulders are already a bit narrow in proportion to his head, and the waist suppression exacerbates this problem.
I had looked/lurked quite a bit on this issue, and have found many helpful guides here on removing neck stains, but not so much on preventing them in the first place. Granted, the best solution is to not perspire entirely, but are there any after-wear treatments that could help reduce the build up of neck stains? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin How dreadful! I loled. +1
Thanks for pointing me to this >hero< I suppose its not as easy as I had perceived.
Im very interested in this as well - any more price drops?
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Get a 36R custom fit and i will 1000 times be your friend I'll be 2000x your friend!!!! but do they even make anything in 36s?
Is this something difficult to attempt for someone (me) with only elementary knowledge and experience in sewing? Often tailors charge an arm and leg per button hole, but the actual work does not appear to warrant such high prices... or does it? My understanding is that functioning button holes are not difficult to integrate into mass production (the new Lands End jackets, for example), but decades of mass manufacturing processes simply brushed this item aside. ...
Don't be discouraged about the plateaus in weightloss - it happens, and as long as you don't let it discourage you from your original endeavor you are doing quite fine. I would also recommend LL Bean for shirts and pants - they have a very generous return policy, so should you find yourself not liking what you are wearing (or if they no longer fit), you could simply try to return them. I know I am not one to offer diet advices in a clothing forum, but as someone who has...
What are some good brands of plastic or nylon toe/heel taps that one could acquire online (or good eBay vendors to buy from) and assemble at home?
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