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So I am like, still confused, and this is like, a big deal. HALP!
Yes.... I had streched my girlfriend's gloves quite a bit so now they fit me perfectly.
::confused face:: I had brought a RLBL Anthony suit sometime last December while still in school, and never had much of a chance to wear it until recently. I noticed upon close examination that some of the wool fibers on the sleeves were coming off - they appear as very thin and fine white fibers that does not easily pull off. What should I do about the fibers? I had just taken it to a rather highly rated cleaner a week ago, and thought it would resolve this...
I had brought a very well constructed Canali suit from Boyds for around 900. You could get jackets for much cheaper than that, especially during sale season. They also give you free drinks/alcohol depending on your age.. certainly a plus for me .
Moar of this, sil vous plait! Merci!
请不要太激动 ... ...
Quote: Who were some of your worst, rudest, and/or most ignorant salespersons? I believe this is an easy one.
Thanks for all the inputs! A paper towel around the neck.. I just may do it! Could you provide a pic on how you are concealing the paper town under the collar? Grazie!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr. Class You'll never believe this. The family came back today and ended up spending $3600 at my store with another salesman! Can you believe the nerve of some people? They acted like I didn't even greet them and help them yesterday. I am so sick of customers who waste my time, it is ridiculous. Lol - Dr. Class is a grade A
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr. Class You won't believe the exchange I had with a customer yesterday. A college kid came in, probably around 23 years old, with his parents. They were Asian, so you know what that means(no racist). The kid procedes to tell me he needs a black suit, navy suit, and grey suit for a new job he is starting in two weeks. I had to stop myself from laughing while he was saying this. Me: Sir, no offense, but you are a...
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