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Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Looks like migration of the sleeve lining along the elbow seam- what colour is the sleeve lining? If it is, a tailor can take the lining out, overlock the seams and put it back. Or replace the lining entirely. Thanks for the quick diagnosis. The sleeve lining colors are indeed white (pinstriped actually) and is Bemberg Cupro. Typically how much would such an operation be? From the relining to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Animal Thug Suggest she tries on a handfull of stuff and wait outside the dressing room. PRofit. Teach me, sensei! Teach me to become a smooth operator like you!
Everytime I am forced to go to Forever 21 with my gf we always have a fight at the end of the visit. Always.
Quote: Wow..great detail in these flicks.....SIKE!| Next time, attach the flicks. You have no idea how frustrating IE6 can be... and don't ask me why I am using IE6....
As promised, here are some pics to aid with the diagnoses: Please note the the majority of these "chaffings" are occuring on the backside of the upper arm or elbow area. Thanks again!
Quote: Originally Posted by Seijuro the problem is, i dont need some fkin fag spamming my thread, i just need an useful answer to my question... i really dont need some scumbag browsing the forum 24/7 to get his 1k... u know? i dont need ugly virgins like urself replying in this thread i need a real answer work on ur 1k posts somewhere else, nerd My prognosis: individual is probably butthurt seeing his thread dismissed, and is throwing...
Current thread potential: >9000. I am surprised though: why didn't you respond back in German? Bist du nicht ein Deutscher? Perhaps just a 13 year old State side chav posing with an international identity?
WTF Gran Turismo 5?! So I literally just read over 20 news clippings all about the same news - that GT5 is delayed until "Holiday Season 2010." I was counting down the days, man (...and even thought about taking a sick/personal leave on release day.)
Keep this going.. this is like one of my favoritest threads.
If you think this website is cheap, then you haven't done your research at all. The same Tom Ford sunglasses could easily go for 50-100 cheaper in other sites. Granted, you did post asking about what "ETA" stood for... ist eine schlechte websit, und die Preise sind nicht billig.
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