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Is this sale still on? I am very interested in the cedar hangers and shoe trees - how are you getting it at $8 a pop?
Usually I could tell these things with a cursory glance over at the eyeglasses catalog on, but I am stumped by this one. Your expert eyes are appreciated. Here is a pic of the dude (on the left):
This thread can't get any better.
Would really appreciate an answer to this, BMW or not.Thanks OP.Oh, and boosting about how you drive a BMW is analogues to saying you have a closet full of Huge Boss suits. In other words, its super impressive!! Right on OP!!!!
What I don't understand from the OP's post (and would appreciate his enlightenment here) is that, if the CEO and OP are such good friends (and for more than a decade), why would there even the be concern, and amazement (as gleaned from the title), at not being sacked for offering the boss friend sartorial advice?
If your boss is a well groomed, symmetric faced, tall, younger man in his late 20s or 30s, he could get away with pretty much anything - even donning the occasional black suit for work... somewhat like what this guy does in the picture: Its fascinating to note from the above exchanges that advices about what not to wear (such as the black suits, blue pants, etc) see their rationales originate mainly from the visual resemblances to people of certain professions, such as...
I certainly agree. In fact, the tailor I sought out was recommended by a number of users here on the forum. However, even factoring in tailor skill - is altering the shoulder at all a prudent consideration?
Jackets with shoulder length visibility longer than that of the natural shoulder length - is it "in" again? This dude, who penned a book called "Bespoke: The Men's Style of Savile Row " with a forward written by "Tom Ford" thinks so. He also seems pretty proud of it in this picture. My question is - is this considered a legitimate "style" of certain houses (such as that of H Huntsman, as pointed in this thread?) Cheers!
In my youthful days, I used to think that minor alterations to the shoulder width was a consistently good, and not so costly way, of making an off the rack jacket look better. ... or least so I thought, until several days ago where upon closer examination of a thrifted RLBL jacket that I had the shoulders taken in (by no more than 0.35-0.5 inches), I noticed some extra crease in the back of the jacket when it was hung. Wearing the jacket did not seem to to resolve the...
Cheers all, My gf recently acquired a waxed cotton jacket with textile originated from a certain "British Millerain Co." We were both taken aback by the cleaning instructions, which noted: "SPOT CLEAN DO NOT DRY CLEAN DO NOT BLEACH DO NOT TUMBLE DRY DO NOT IRON." I feel a bit uneasy not to be able to wash it, especially the inner part that is cotton and is close to the skin. I am sure you gentleman have such jackets - how do you clean them? Your expertise is...
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