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it comes in a little tiny box of awesome.
sorry no pics yet, at work. i got a blue and i live in pittsburgh. they were sent from mass, so if you're in philly, you might get yours today also. this makes the speeding ticket i got this morning a lot more bearable.
I got my belt. It's fucking sick. I'm wanted on line 4, gotta go. Thanks!!!
Most Diors aren't selvage if that matters. You can get them in selvage, but I hear they aren't as nice as the Japan non-selvage diors.
pm sent! this will totally be worth the 5 month wait!
Pure Blue Japan.
I think the single-speed thing is more of a purist thing. I could be wrong though. Definitely easier to mantain; I guess it depends where you live if it would be worth it or not. I know it'd be tough to ride around Pittsburgh with all of the hills and whatnot. I just bought a Felt F75. Love it Love it Love it.
Don't forget that the length will shorten as the honeycombs form behind the knees. I wouldn't hem them, at least not until after the first real wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Bootcut Olas, despite their name, are actually more of a straightleg than the RRs. The Glenn Flare is the only Nudie model (it's been discontinued though) with a larger hem to knee ratio than the RR. Flare Glenn is not discontinued though it may be harder to find depending on the demographic. There was a rumor circulating a few weeks or months ago that is was going to be pulled, but it either wasn't true,...
H&M has one out.
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