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Ok, detail shots in natural light.
I can take some detail shots. What details would you like to see, in particular?
I spend most of the time on the "other side" of SF, but recently I needed new jeans and decided to go the raw Denim route, having seen the devoted fans on SF and SUFU. My first pair was some Nudie raw in black denim. They mostly fit well, but I decided the rise was too low and can be uncomfortable, something I didn't notice when trying on in the store. I decided I wanted another pair in blue and spent a great deal of time looking at all of the online shops. In the...
I fully recognize that the following comment is childish and unworthy of the fine denim sold from this awesome establishment, but unhappy looking or not, that Asian girl is f***ing hot.
I don't know if you can say, but I presume these jeans were made by Rogue Territory to your specs?
Yes, I might be interested in the 38 if the measurements are right. Thanks!
Wow, those are beautiful. But am I reading correctly that the rises on those are from 13 to 15 inches? I know Tom Ford likes to buck the trend, but that's getting toward Zoot Suit territory...
pm'd for #54
They won't look like new, but you can do a lot to make them look decent again. If you didn't pay much for the shoes, it's likely worth it.
I am very pleased to see that Tom Ford's customer service was accomodating. I personally like what Tom Ford is doing, even if it isn't for everyone (on this forum or otherwise). I hope your beespoke experience goes well. I hope you'll keep us updated on how that goes. -Rob
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