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Let me know if you have one (new) that you want to sell.
The solids are priced lower and never (or very rarely) go on sale. The stripes and patterns of the seasonal variety are priced higher and go on fairly deep discount at the end of the season.
I spend my days sifting through the trenches of gomers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar We at SF appreciate the courtesy of your posting the watch which you plan on selling elsewhere within a couple of weeks. Regards. lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Yea, I was there on the 1st day (2/10) and agree with above. I'm a common size (9.5/10D shoes, 38s/r suits). For my sizing: Suits - Mostly housebrand or Hugo Boss. A few funky patterned zegnas. A couple Isaias and Brionis but the prices weren't great (the Brioni was around $3k i think). Some Hickey Freeman but no Hickey Style. Shoes - Mostly housebrand or overpriced designer brands. I got the only C&J in...
I try not to spend more than $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by trynottobetrendy yeah, japan has a TON of counterfeit DH, half of the stuff on eBay is fake. I have never heard of any DH denim being made in Morocco, but hey, I'm not the end all be all of experts. I know there is fake DH, but I've never seen the denim faked.
Never heard of MIMs. Has DH raw denim even been counterfeited?
Looks fine to me.
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