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all gone
1. Kenneth Cole - poor construction, cheap leather, terrible design and fit 2. Ecco - comfortable but really ugly shoes 3. Bruno Magli - ask OJ Simpson 4. Cole Haan - overpriced, poorly constructed 5. Hugo Boss - overpriced, the sizing varies greatly for each model 6. Florsheim - they've really gone down hill in terms of quality
I would pass. That's not a good deal at all for the 1818 suits. You can find much better deals here on the B&S forum.
price drops
How much is the outerwear going for?
Quote: Originally Posted by jhe0417 Ah, fantastic. They have those on Amazon. I'll pick them up tonight and have them here on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes. http://www.amazon.com/Superfeet-Prem...124109&sr=8-14 Thanks again, RKD! Much appreciated. How did these work out for you?
So these are actually more like an 11.5?
Amazing Brioni FF trousers and RLPL ties added.
Does anyone have one of their mid-length jackets? How do they fit?
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