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What ever happened to Spiffy? Did you guys scare him away?
I'm not a fan of the lapels.
Eric Glennie congruent neck tie for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by jungshoe i went to the flagship store on rodeo today to pick up some shirts and they had a bunch of black fleece suits on sale for 60% off, including solid navy. they even had a few of the caruso-made ones from a few seasons back. maybe the discount would work on those. Were the Caruso-made BBBF suits of a longer length?
I'm only getting 15% on the GF tux
New items added and inventory adjusted. PM with questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR I am trying to decide between the Stow or the Derby in the Burnished Coffee. STP has one of each in my size. Im usually pretty decisive when it comes to shoes but I am torn between the two. Buy both and return the one you like less.
Ahh, of course, my size is OOS.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy you have to be careful of the UK and US sizing, in tricker's I have found that you should size down 1 from your regular US size eg. 10.5UK=11.5US (width 5) on the site they list UK and US sizes but claim a 10.5UK to be 11US, so ya they would be a half size too big I am a 11US and I ended up getting the 10.5UK in the Tricker's brogue boots. They fit me well as long as I wear a thicker pair of socks,...
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