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I have been dealing with a similar situation for my wedding. Unfortunately, I've decided to go with rental tuxedos for my groomsmen. It's the simplest solution.
nm glitch
LoL. "No size given", but the inside of the shoe says 10 1/2D.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg In a curious bit of good fortune, I received an email indicating that BB had shipped my shoes! Perhaps they are employing some sort of new-fangled business model wherein they actually fulfill orders. I was shocked to get a shipping notification within 3 days from BB as well. I'm used to waiting a couple weeks for them to ship or cancel.
Just got a letter in the mail. Starting March 7. $200 off $800; $100 off $500; $50 off $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by duff406 When does the next Brooks Brothers sale on dress shirts usually come around? Could stand to pick up one or two new ones. Apparently, there will be a corporate sale in 2 weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Would you guys say this is pretty much the best solid navy blazer at this price point? I recently bought a Hickey blazer off Gilt, but might return it and get this instead. I've been trying to holdout for a RLBL, but the prices on their blazers are insane. It's decent for the price. I'd prefer the BB blazer to the hickey.
Here's the highlight.
Looks like a Brooks Brothers non-iron button-down collar.
This is probably the best of the BBBF bunch. It's a solid charcoal Caruso-made 2-button. Only BB5 left though.§ionsize=
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