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Quote: Originally Posted by kilohotel mind elaborating? This is the POOR MAN's watch tread. Although a Rolex Sub is arguably an entry-level fine watch, it is still far above the average price point within this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by kilohotel me (right) wearing my trusty Submariner lol.
More RLBL Dark Navy ties added. Note: no other suits or sizes available. thanks for the inquiries.
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters What do you guys think of this watch? I think I've seen a SF member rock it on this website. I want to wear it casually and also with my suits for work, but it looks bulky. Anybody have experience about this watch? I'm sorry but wearing a fake/"homage" watch is tacky.
This Seiko automatic diver is my favorite beater watch. I got one off ebay a few weeks ago and have worn it daily since receiving it. ~250-270 with shipping
Quote: Originally Posted by PLaydice the only inferior part of the outlet is the selection of colors and sizes! they always have great stock of pink, yellow and Xl stuff but any small or med stuff that is any good is out the door right away do to resellers hitting these places xtreme. If you actually goto the real ralph lauren store you will eventually see some of that in the outlet. the tennis shirts and rugby's by all means are the same, but the...
price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 I will still vouch for Lee's Custom Tailors in Fairfax. They do all my tailoring, from suit alterations (including buttonholes) to shirt alterations to turning my old Incos into shorts and even altering my Levi's. I just used them right before Christmas to alter a cashmere sport coat for a cocktail party. This included slimming the sleeves and sleeve length alteration + adding working button holes, pulling in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Snap on ties are useful if you could be the subject of violence. Some professions use Velcro or clip on ties for that purpose. Psychiatry?
Sorry for the thread resurrection, but I was wondering if anyone has new experiences with DC area tailors. I need to get my BC tuxedo altered for my wedding, and I'd like to use a hassle-free tailor.
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