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I have to travel about 2 hours to get to a decent tailor in the DC area. The tailors in my home town are clueless.
I have been struggling with a similar issue, trying to find a satin midnight blue tie to match the lapels of my tux. I ended up emailing Carrot & Gibbs to see if they could accommodate me. They are sending me a few satin samples to see which works best for my lapels. Perhaps this will be a good option for you as well.
Price drop on the Brioni trousers to $170 shipped in CONUS!
SATURDAY SPECIAL!! Take any 2 RLBL ties for $100 shipped in CONUS! Please specify the item number in your PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyItsBryan Do replicas count... no
Let me know if you have any of the above.
A resale shop is a thrift shop? Seems a little high for a thrift shop.
Quote: Originally Posted by toogies80 Single row of nails, but on the 87 last? Definitely AS.
Quote: Originally Posted by gyasih If anyone's size 11.5 is too big, I have an 11D-unworn for trade. 11D too small? Are you typically 11D in English shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by kilohotel Seeing Omega's I thought I'd share my entry-level watch Oh wait, I might have a casio-calculater somewhere! LOL. Post that for sure.
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