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Is that a shawl collar on a normal suit? Sorry, but I would return it.
Added nwot Drakes tie
I waited about an hour at BestBuy and got one. It's a nice upgrade from the 1st gen.
I'm sitting inside a 24-hour Walmart with the ipad2 sitting in the case in front of me. Only 13.5 more hours until they sell to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Just a thought, but if you're 22 maybe you don't need to jump right into the 3000-dollar watch game. Have you looked around at what's available for less than that? (And thought about what's gonna happen if you scratch the face in the first week after dropping 3 Gs on it?) It's pretty difficult to scratch the crystal on a watch.
Omega speedmaster, seamaster, or planet ocean are all solid choices. The IWC 3717 has a look that gets old quickly. It has a very busy dial.
Price drops on everything (prices updated on the OP)! Priced to move on this rainy day!
How about a Panerai submersible?
Price drop on the remaining RLBL shirt to $90 shipped.
Great suit! Would kop if it was bespoke for me.
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