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Quote: Originally Posted by spertia Congrats, I love that piece. You picked the best of the two dial colors IMO. Yeh, luckily the AD had the dial that I wanted. I probably would have bought the black dial too if they had it.
I have the 100% cashmere tux in Midnight Blue. It's absolutely amazing! This is a great price!
Picked up this Tudor heritage Chrono while on vacation in the Bahamas.
Raw Indigo Size 29 Measurements: Waist: 17" across aligned Inseam: 32.5" with cuff, 34.5" without Worn 10 times max, never washed. Decided to size up. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by ralphdog Not mine, but a 40r needs to buy this, I would, but I just bought one here last month. Someone just got a steal.
One time price drop to 289.75.
Polo and khakis. It's a second look. He's already in. Who cares what he wears?
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson Got a few requests, so thought I'd post measurements of my 40R Pringle here. Seems like it's really more of a 38R; it's tagged as a Euro 50. It's sold out, so in case anyone is looking for this size. Shoulder seam to seam = 17.0 Shoulder end cap to end cap = 17.75 Chest = 20.0 Length = 29.5 Sleeve = 25.5 I will hang on to it for a couple days in case anyone wants it, then I am returning it to Yoox. ...
Panerai PAM190 if you can find one. Rolex Daytona - classic
Price drops on both the trousers and the tie.
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