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Do you know if these fit TTS or large as is typical for RL's Italian made shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude amazing prices on some of the older barbour x tokito too bad i hate all the brown (looks too old manish) and already have sage bicycle ... i want the REST of the tokito line on sale How do those coats fit? TTS?
Quote: Originally Posted by Easily Amused RLBL - fits perfectly for me OTR. But, I have to wait for sales... +1. RLBL and some Polo cuts work best for me OTR.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Jam's Army I have three pairs of brand new shoes for sale. First is a pair of Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Chukka Boots in size 10 US, Barrie last. BNIB. Asking $600 shipped CONUS. Nordstrom shoe trees included. Second pair are RL Darlton/Marlow wing tips in dark brown cordovan, size 10.5 US. BNIB Asking $400 shipped CONUS. Cedarville shoe trees included. Third is a pair of Vass London bluchers in size 44...
Use the gift card to get some decent Allen Edmonds shoes from JAB.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon im in san diego also lol at the guy for complaining about $200 for alterations. I looked at the pricing sheet at the RL store and it wasnt expensive for alterations by any means. I was referring to the guy who originally posted about the DC area stores.
I think I saw someone from that site post on here not too long ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 Like I said they are great suits. My complaint was that the RL store will overcharge you with alterations. When I went there they wanted something like $150-200 for alterations and I said if you cannot do them for a more reasonable price I will not buy the suit. Turns out I did not. You do realize that you could just buy the suit and bring it to your own tailor, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 PRL makes beautiful suits. I tried a few of them on last year and they fit very nicely. Never get them tailord at a RL store they will cost a fortune. They quoted me $150-200 in alterations, thats BS! When I am about to spend $600 on a suit I don't want to spend the additonal money on alterations. Maybe you should stick to Hugo Boss. $600 is a steal for a PRL MII suit, and the alteration cost is average.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS FTFY. Maybe if you read that the OP was in the DC area, you would understand.
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