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I stopped by the Filene's in DC today. No major discount like Aportnoy's, but they did have some nice barrel-cuffed Tom Ford dress shirts in 15.5, 15.75 for ~$155. There were also some nice Brioni suits including a solid charcoal in 38R for $1200.
Quote: Originally Posted by MysticAura Hey guys this ebay seller is selling a bunch of polo RL oxfords here for $99.99. However, I made him an offer for 54.99 and he accepted. Comes to 71 total for a pair of brand new polo RL shoes. Let me know if that works out for you, he has a bunch of sizes. I got these in 10.5 but they are too small for me. They are probably TTS for a 10.5. I'm...
Wow, a necro thread that actually worked.
Definitely PM the seller. I'm sure he held them for 2 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Well, I bought a bunch of Polos for 5 bucks each to go to the gym. Either way it won't matter much if the fit is fantastic or not. Thanks for the code! Polos at the gym?
Neither of the two items in my dream box that I wanted is eligible for the discount.
All I know is that they are gray and MII. Can you tell me what specific wash it is?
Alden Shell PTB on Combat Sole
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf In my experience the italian polo's tend to fit on the small side. Really? All of the Dellers, Darwins, etc. fit large. I'm normally an 11D, but have to get 10.5D in those. According to this ancient thread (, they run large.
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