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I wore some rubber-soled Allen Edmonds and Danskos for the majority of 3rd and 4th years. I also wore my Alden PTBs on commando soles when I knew there was no chance of bodily fluid spillage.
What size do you wear in other brands like alden?
Who makes shoes for Isaia?
New. Gorgeous. Retails around $1100. Size 34 (85cm) Buckle is stamped with "925" for Sterling Silver. Now on ebay.
This sale has been going on for awhile. I thought they dropped their prices to 50% off already reduced prices at around this time last year.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJE Just checked - all came with Drakes labels, and in the long Drakes bags. Past performance is no guarantee of future results . He's charging low overseas postage, so I wouldn't expect the Drakes bag or a neatly folded-over tie. They're definitely legit, but there's always the possibility he misses a run or bad pattern alignment. I bought from him a few times over the last year - I even made sure he knew about a sale...
There was enough interest, so now the suit is for sale. Pictures and measurements posted.
NWT PRL Polo II Suit (Made in Italy by Corneliani) Solid darker gray, 3r2.5, side vents. FF trousers. now on ebay.
The prices in-store at RL seem to have gone up since the Christmas-time sale.
Added RL Captoes for a killer $80 shipped in CONUS. Pictures uploading... Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles IME though, the chest measurements represent a 42 but I believe with some conviction that it should fit quite trimmer, no? When I tried the same jacket I was an XL. Casual jackets do not share the same measurements as SCs and suits. If you are a 42, a XL might fit you. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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