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the same threads are coming loose on my Cordovan PTBs from Leathersoul.
Price drop on the suit to $615 shipped in CONUS PPPP.
Price drop on the Kiton belt to $320.
Quote: Originally Posted by Any reports from Tourneau sample sale at Soiffer Haskin? It starts on Saturday.
consolidated my items into one FS thread. added Brioni wool trousers. Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley So is this size M more equivalent to a US40? Bloussons are intended to fit slimmer - is that already taken into account with BC's sizing, or would you have to size down? I'm asking since I wear Eu52 and size L jackets, typically. Wondering if I went down to a M, it would provide the slimmer fit or if it would just be too small. Measurements...
gucci horsebit loafers.
Check out the Seiko divers on ebay. Some of the Japan-only Seikos are very nice and affordable. There are other sites to get them, but I've found ebay to be the cheapest.
The seconds go on deep discount every so often. They use a progressive discount system like buy 2 get 30% off, buy 3 get 50% off.
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