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What BL suit did you get? How much?
I heard the RL store that sold BL/PL stopped selling suits and sport coats.
It would be a deal-killer if it was visible.
It seemed like a lot of people weren't seeing it. It definitely enticed me to order more than I needed.
So you're at least seeing the 25% off also?
Check the PSA thread. I have posted screen shots. For some reason, I am getting 25% off additional on everything, but it doesn't seem to be working for other members. ???
I just added the cordovan boots to my cart. Here is the checkout page showing the discount. I put my user name and the time in the CC info. I'm not sure why mine is taking 25% off.
Here's an image from one of my order confirmation emails.
Sweaters, but the discount worked on the SAB merchandise also.
It's still taking 25% off for me. I'm at the "Submit Order" page without any credit card info entered yet.
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