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I'm looking for a new overcoat of a classic design (double-breasted, peak lapel, below the knee, dark blue or black wool). It has to be made to measure as I'm rather corpulent, but I'd rather not spend Row prices (graduate student). I'm based in Cambridge, but do end up in London about once a month for research. Any and all advice/recommendations would be appreciated.
I have three shirts from him, and they're the best I've ever owned. He's excellent about fabric and style choices. As others have said, just go see him.
My father swears by Budd RTW shirts. I can't comment on the fit overly, although he likes a little space in his shirts. What I can say is that they are good quality - he's had many of his for over 10 years.
I have wide feet + an orthodic and I've had good luck with casual shoes from Harry's on the UWS (Broadway and 83rd). They have a nice selection.
(Full size photo here). That's direct from Hickey Freeman's website. You'd think they'd know how to dress a tailcoat properly.
C.K. Dexter Haven, Nick Charles, or, if you're feeling more modern, I'm a fan of Ian Struan Dunross.
This may earn me some negative attention on here, but one has to ask. Scott, do you have any future plans to offer larger sizes or custom sizes?
Until I saw the length, I thought you were talking about the Torchwood coat. What program, out of curiosity? Have you tried actual military surplus?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton One change in the UK would be that it's considered incorrect there now to wear a wing collar with black tie (it wasn't in the '30s) but it's still OK here. When did that change occur? I did my undergraduate in Ireland a few years ago (graduated 2005) and an evening wear wing collar was still fine then. And before you immediately jump on the "young people don't know how to dress" excuse (which I agree with),...
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK "Britain" did not exist until the Acts of Union so you won't be able to find such a flag even if you were to commission the pin yourself. Do you perhaps mean a flag of "Great Britain" without Ireland? I mean the Pre 1800 Union Flag: Not the English pre 1707 Act of Union/pre 1606 Union of the Crowns flag.
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