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Everybody is too busy worrying about themselves to care what others do. I'm an engineering student, so my classes are pretty much all guys - jeans and a t-shirt/hoodie are the norm. People in the business school tend to dress a little nicer. I don't really see the point in wearing a button down to class, but that's what a lot of guys there wear. I rarely wear polos to class. I wear the same pair of levis pretty much everyday. Just bought a pair of APCs, and once...
Tan colored khakis? Slimmer than the average person wears, but probably slightly more relaxed than the average SFer....J crew classic cut? Cheap is good...target, old navy?
Actual waist measures just under 34" For trying to figure out your size in APC you'd get the best info posting in either the Jean question or APC question thread. FYI - Tobi lists the following measurements for a 31" APC rescue: 35" actual waistband 36" inseam 10" front rise 14.25" back rise 36" inseam 19.5" at the knee 18" at the leg opening
I had bought a pair of size 30 rescues and they're way too big. Looking for a pair of 28 rescues
Didn't read the whole thread, but...engineers don't make a lot? What? We're among the highest starting salary, and with an MBA can easily climb the ladder to success. My dad is an engineer making ~130k at 50 years old. I'm expecting 55-60k upon graduation in a year. As an intern I get paid sweet $$$.
The pair I bought has very few ("5-7") wears, I'll check with the seller about whether or not he soaked them. As far as stretching - if they measure 32 now, which would fit snug, but not tight, on my waist, would they actually stretch much beyond that? I should just barely be able to get the top button buttoned correct?
I actually just went ahead and bought a pair of Rescues in 30 from the FS section. The seller said the waist measured 32" which is exactly what my Levi's measure. So, next question, what should I do about the length? I'm definitely going to need a shorter inseam, probably about a 31", but that depends on the rise I guess. Soak first? Hot? Cold? Hang to dry right?
Quote: Originally Posted by king geyser Hows the quality of Sebago? I have a pair of Sebagos that I've owned for about 2.5 years. Lots of wear in the spring/summer/fall. I can wear them to class, work, the occasional outdoor adventuring, and yes, even sailing. I think the quality for both companies is comparable, so just buy what you like.
New Posts  All Forums: