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Didn't read the whole thread, but...engineers don't make a lot? What? We're among the highest starting salary, and with an MBA can easily climb the ladder to success. My dad is an engineer making ~130k at 50 years old. I'm expecting 55-60k upon graduation in a year. As an intern I get paid sweet $$$.
The pair I bought has very few ("5-7") wears, I'll check with the seller about whether or not he soaked them. As far as stretching - if they measure 32 now, which would fit snug, but not tight, on my waist, would they actually stretch much beyond that? I should just barely be able to get the top button buttoned correct?
I actually just went ahead and bought a pair of Rescues in 30 from the FS section. The seller said the waist measured 32" which is exactly what my Levi's measure. So, next question, what should I do about the length? I'm definitely going to need a shorter inseam, probably about a 31", but that depends on the rise I guess. Soak first? Hot? Cold? Hang to dry right?
Quote: Originally Posted by king geyser Hows the quality of Sebago? I have a pair of Sebagos that I've owned for about 2.5 years. Lots of wear in the spring/summer/fall. I can wear them to class, work, the occasional outdoor adventuring, and yes, even sailing. I think the quality for both companies is comparable, so just buy what you like.
Edit - scratch the 29s, looking for 28s...mods feel free to delete this thread
I'm looking at some APC Rescues. The only pair of jeans I have that fits well is a pair of 30x32 levi 501s in a dark wash. The waist on those measure 16 measured BiG style. I'm 5' 9", 155 lbs (skinny/athletic). What size Rescues would be good for me? There's also a pair of Jean Shop Rockers in the FS section. Anybody have some info on these? I know it's a straight, nonskinny, nonrelaxed cut which is what I'm looking for. Any info on stretching?
Quote: Originally Posted by kontai69 I really like my JCrew "broken in" T-shirts. They are prewashed, so they feel very soft. I have one of the J crew long sleeve broken in Ts...very nice. Just glad I got it on sale. Marked down from ~$35 to 15, then 15% student discount. Target also has similar broken in ones. The target ones are 50% cotton 50% poly, but feel just like the J crew. Only difference is the Jcrew doesn't have cuffs, which is...
Do the khaki jeans measure a true 33?
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