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Quote: Originally Posted by wildcard I'm a medium in the tailored-fit button-down, but a large in their t-shirt, does anyone know what I'd be in their tailored-fit polo? I'm a small in their button downs/thermals/long sleeve Ts. But a medium for short sleeve Ts and polos. I have a Vintage tailored fit and a repp-pique tailored, both medium, both fit very nicely. So I'd say you should go for a large.
Just ordered a pair of squires - will post pics when they arrive and a few months down the road.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You want measurements for the Crate shipment? Here you go. For info on how we make our measurements please click here: If you'd like to place an order, please email Prices listed are BEFORE SFD : What is SFD?
Just picked up two pairs of pants. Classic fit blue chinos on sale, and tan regular fit lightweight chinos at full price. With student discount the total was ~$80. Didn't really see much difference between the two in terms of fit...went with the same size in both. I really like the lightweight fabric, might end up picking up another pair of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by enjoiii At the gym so shirt, shorts and running shoes. +1
Apparently they started their 'spring sale' today. It looks like a lot of leftovers from their final sale and maybe a few new things.
Everybody is too busy worrying about themselves to care what others do. I'm an engineering student, so my classes are pretty much all guys - jeans and a t-shirt/hoodie are the norm. People in the business school tend to dress a little nicer. I don't really see the point in wearing a button down to class, but that's what a lot of guys there wear. I rarely wear polos to class. I wear the same pair of levis pretty much everyday. Just bought a pair of APCs, and once...
Tan colored khakis? Slimmer than the average person wears, but probably slightly more relaxed than the average SFer....J crew classic cut? Cheap is, old navy?
Actual waist measures just under 34" For trying to figure out your size in APC you'd get the best info posting in either the Jean question or APC question thread. FYI - Tobi lists the following measurements for a 31" APC rescue: 35" actual waistband 36" inseam 10" front rise 14.25" back rise 36" inseam 19.5" at the knee 18" at the leg opening
I had bought a pair of size 30 rescues and they're way too big. Looking for a pair of 28 rescues
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